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We offer a wide variety of temporary tattoos and the option of customized stencils for your selection to cater to all your event needs! Our tattoos come with an exciting range of colors, assortment of glitters, inks that are water resistant or even colors that will glow under UV light!

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary airbrushed tattoos that lasts 2-3 days. Application is quick and great for crowds. Comes in Black Ink. Optional add on of up to 3 colors.

Airbrush Tattoos


UV Glow tattoos that pop under UV Black Light! Great for night life and adult parties!

UV Glow Tattoos


The perfect addition for a princess party. Get to choose from our wide selection of 30 glitter colors to create your desired glitter tattoo!

Glitter Tattoos


Great for the boho look, outdoor festivals and beach parties! Classy and chic with a touch of glamour. 

Gold Tattoos

Can't decide on one color? Let us help you mix them up together to form your desired rainbow tattoo!

Rainbow Tattoos


Customize a tattoo stencil for your company branding or if you simply just want a unique or specific design out of our existing stencil collection!

Customized Tattoos


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