The Company

Amanda Facepaint began back in 2008, when founding artist Amanda Lye set up a little stall at a flea market just to fulfill her passion of painting on colorful faces and seeing the children smile. Since then, Amanda Facepaint has evolved over the years to become an established face painting and body art company in Singapore. 

Amanda Facepaint specialises in Face Painting, Full Body Art and Temporary Tattoos for all events and parties. At Amanda Facepaint, you can be anyone you imagine to be, you can be Venom from Marvel, Statue of Liberty or even TWG’s gold tea leaf. Young children can enjoy being transformed into their dream characters, superheroes or adorable animals!


Our Artists

Our team of professional artists offer creative works done with versatility and a touch of fun! Our artists are also experienced in Early Childhood as loving mothers and educators who work their magic to ensure that your child’s best interests are met when we paint on happy faces.


We use nothing but the best reputable brands of face and body art supplies from the US and AU. Trust that you are always in the good hands of all our experienced artists to deliver creative works and quality services for everyone! 

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